Happy New Year!!

2 Jan

Ok, so what be the resolutions for 2013 then? Here are mine:

1. Get Sci-Fi Beta Kappa out there. Playtest Where The Heart Is loads more (and maybe publish it).
2. Play some FATE, Savage Worlds and Cortex.
3. Garner some solid GMing experience, other than with my own games. Build up a range of scenarios that can be whipped out as and when.
4. Try to resuscitate my long-dormant social life, i.e. somehow go from being an impecunious freelance game designer to one with a job that pays the rent, and allows me to occasionally go out for a beer with my buddies and do other stuff.
5. Work on my blog! It’s very basic atm but I aim to change that over the coming months. I hear there’s a ton of stuff one can do with WordPress- I think it’s like the way we only use a sixth of our brains (some people a lot less, obviously).
6. Think a lot more before I type. I’m not the most ham-fisted poster on forums but I think from time to time I’ve jumped in with a comment before I’ve fully engaged brain.
7. Do more reading around RPGs and roleplaying in general rather than just playing or GMing. There are a lot of interesting blogs out there, as well as websites with articles written by folks well worth paying attention to, both here in the UK and elsewhere.
8. Start more conversations on forums.
9. Clone myself so I can follow all the forums I’m on (though I guess each clone would have to have their own laptop- ok, not such a good idea).
10. Try to ensure I don’t have all the same resolutions next year as this!

How ’bout y’all?

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