Hello Blogospere!

Welcome to indyhippo, where you will find all manner of musings and meanderings stemming from the fevered brain of Leo Marshall, AKA catty_big. I’ve been roleplaying for just over two years now, having been introduced to the hobby at Indiecon 2010. On my first day there I played Dogs in the Vineyard and Fiasco, and thereafter I was hook, line and sinkered. I’ve played a variety of games since, including, on the trad side, HEX, CoC, The Laundry, Victoriana and nWoD, and on the more indie side Microscope, the aforementioned Fiasco and Dogs, Forsooth, My Life With Master, Umlaut, The Skull of Akkarat, and many others. I’ll use this blog to talk about my taste in RPGs, give examples of play, discuss specific games, talk about my own games and big up my game designer buddies.

I’m currently designing a game about modern families, called Where The Heart Is, and co-designing (with Dan Marriott) Sci-Fi Beta Kappa, a light-hearted game about alien delinquents. Please check ’em out- I’d be happy to receive any comments, and of course would be absolutely stoked if anybody felt like running either of them.


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